Light As A Feather

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.” — C. JoyBell C.

Do you sometimes feel weighed down, finding it hard to just get up and go? If you could just find the source of what is bogging you down, things would be a hell of a lot easier, wouldn’t it? Well, let me tell you…things ARE easier, if you just let them be. All you have to do is release the psychic weight. Here, I’ve got three simple tips on how to release this weight.

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1.Seek out opportunities for humor and laughter.

….and it costs nothing!

Laughter is a medicine. I am sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard this. Laughter boosts your mood, lightens your burdens, inspires your thoughts, pushes away negative emotions, connects you to your soul, keeps you energized, and gives you that powerful push called your „oomph“! It costs nothing and you don’t have to schedule an appointment to get to it. All you have to do is to do it. And the easiest way to just do it is by seeking out opportunities for humor and laughter. You can improve your emotional health, your relationships with all sorts of people, and find greater happiness….this might help you live a little longer, healthier, and a lot happier! Laughter might not only add a few years to your life, it will definitely add life to your years!

You lose nothing and gain a lot by laughing.

Medically speaking, experts say: „laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can in turn protect you against heart attack and other cardiovascular problems….“ Now, seeing from my point of view and experience, laughing connects you to your heart, your soul, and your spirit. This is me…this is how I look at things. So feel free to laugh now! I am glad I can give people a reason to laugh. You see, people who don’t laugh, or laugh rarely, have a closed heart, not just to others but also to themselves. That medically proven „increased bloodflow“, I believe, also increases your own state of „flow“. When you laugh, you are in the moment. When you are wholeheartedly laughing, you can’t possibly be thinking about a past grudge, or some jerk, or stormy weather. You get me? Laughing puts you in „the flow“. And well, it doesn’t just, as seen from the doctor¹s point of view, „protect you against heart attack“, it also protects others from being attacked BY YOU! (Laughs….) If you laugh, you cannot be angry. Laughter and anger are oxymorons. People who laugh, I mean truly laugh- I’m not talking about sarcastic laughers! Caveat! Those guys are nasty! I am talking about people who laugh from the bottom of their heart- think about those people…they are friendly, kind and pleasant to be around. They help you get into your „flow“ and stay in it. If you get to know such people, by all means let them flow your boat….and happy smooth sailing! Surrounding yourself by people who laugh more often than not will also help you feel lighter. Remember: you don’t stop laughter because you’ve grown older…you grow older because you’ve stopped laughing!

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2. Be kind and giving, not just to others but also to yourself!

Are a reward of their own.

Kindness makes you happy and happiness makes you kind! When you give with no ulterior motive and only out of the goodness of your heart, you will feel a sense of high. Kind people are happy and high on life. When you are happy and high on life, you feel light. I cannot reiterate that enough. You can only feel that lightness if you get there. So if you want to do something that helps you get there, being kind is a very fast and efficient way. If you take a look at unkind people, you will see that they are unhappy and bitter. It shows in their face. They look mean and angry. They don’t look like they are enjoying where they are, which makes them impatient and rough to others. Kind people enjoy helping others and never feel robbed of their time. They don’t get impatient with others because they love to give and help. And that makes them feel lighter. Kind people have an aura of innocence around them. It almost makes them look childlike. Very true. The younger a person looks for their age, the kinder they are.

Now I know, those readers who know me, are now thinking I mean myself, because I am way older than my looks show. I shamelessly admit to that. And I bluntly put myself forward as a suitable example (Laughs….). I consider myself, with all my flaws, warts and all, a kind person. So, without much further ado, or any doctor’s quote, take a look at me and remember how kindness makes you high and look younger!

It makes you look sweeter and younger.

Bitterness and anger make you look older than your age. Now there is nothing wrong with looking old. We all get old and older. It’s a natural process. It’s life. However, looking „older“ than your age, is not a natural process. People who look older, don’t laugh, don’t do silly things, don’t do kind things (or if they do it’s calculated), always look serious, and look at life as something to take care of, not a blessing to treasure and to live. These people have little to no room for kindness, not even towards themselves. In other words, kindness is a BS they got no time for. Acts of generosity, if ever engaged in, are not random to them. Everything is planned and calculated. Nothing is heartfelt or stems from a heart space. These people can’t give, and if they have to, it¹s because they have to. These people look older than their age. I rest my case with a big, fat smile……from the bottom of that very large space called my kind heart! 🙂

3. Do a Grudge Sale!

Don‘t let grudge weigh you down.

Don’t hold a grudge! Bottling up negative emotions against a person makes you feel as heavy as lead! It’s an unnecessary weight, pulling you down. This doesn’t mean you should ignore your hurt feelings. It simply means you should not dwell in them and let the person who has hurt you occupy your precious mind. If someone has hurt you, acknowledge the act, feel the feelings it gives you, express the emotions it has left you with, and then let it go. Close the chapter and sell your story to the devil. If the person comes for an apology, fair enough. If they feel really sorry, give them a chance to explain and let them repent. It might do them good. And because you’re kind, you will let them repent. If they’re not sorry for what they have done, it’s obviously because they’re not sorry for what they’ve done. In that case, stay away from them and do not dewell in your negative emotions towards them. Put up a sign for Grudge Clearance Sale!You don’t have to forgive anyone but yourself. Do that. Forgive yourself, realease the anger and or sadness….go for a grudge sale! You will feel lighter after selling all your grudge to the devil.

Now there are many other things you can do to feel lighter, I mean emotionally, of course, not physically (Laughs….) . But if I were to name too many of them here, you would probably lose interest and stop reading. Let that be my next piece of advice, which is:

Welcome minimalism into your life.

The less you have, the lighter and happier you will be.

To be a minimalist, you’re going to have to accept living with less than 150 things. Basically, you decide NOT to have it all. It doesn’t mean you can’t have it all. It just means that you make a conscious choice of reduction. You simply pick a few things that are quintessential to your happiness, and make sure you have them. Then you get rid of the rest. And believe me, we don’t need 150 things to be happy (or was I too modest and you were thinking 1000 things??). Same is true when trying new things. I only chose 3 pieces of advice for you to consider because once we are overwhelmed by too many things, people and ideas, we start rejecting them. It’s like having a huge house with a lot of luxury items, closets full of fancy clothes, safe full of fancy watches and jewlry, cellar full of wine, car full of high-tech gadgets, office full of state-of-the-art equiment, and so on and so forth. You get the picture. Once you have too many things, you won’t be able to take one and enjoy that one fully. And believe me, there is nothing wrong with material possessions. What happens often, though, is that you end up assigning too much importance to them….to the detriment of your relationships, your passions and love for yourself and others. You’ll skip or ignore many other things, people and ideas in search of more and more things, people and ideas. Reducing your options gives you peace of mind and a lot of happiness, freedom and lightness. You will then find time and focus left for what really matters. Having too much of everything means you are spreading yourself too thin, yet not getting much of anything.

By the same token, you don’t need to know 101 ways to feel lighter within. If you can only try 3, there is a good chance you will get there…..faster than you think.

Lightness is a choice….

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Happiness Is Not Rocket Science

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Three Simple Things Happy People Do Everyday

Take a look around you and try to spot a happy person. Now by happy I mean content, really content. And believe me, we can all more or less detect who is really happy. Take a look at that happy person you have spotted and try to see what’s different about them? If you do so, you will discover that there is an energy around that person that almost instantaneously draws you. They pull you in without your resistance. It’s as if they had an invisible forcefield that attracts you. And once you get closer to that person, you will see certain traits in them that set them apart from the so-called „unhappy“ folks. Let me tell you three simple things I have discovered about truly happy people.

Happy people do kind things, first for themselves, then for others

To be able to be there for others, to lend them a hand, to be a shoulder to cry on, to listen, and to do all those generous things kind people do, you will have to make sure that you are coming frrom an emotionally safe place yourself. It’s like that oxygen mask on the plane you need to place on your own face first before you are able to put on your child’s face. If you don’t take care of yourself, you are not going to be able to take care of another. If you don’t do kind things for yourself, you will not put yourself in a position that will be conducive to doing kind things for others. Being generous and kind requires having your own stores of positive energy, which can only be replenished by continuously engaging in kind actions towards yourself. Abandoning yourself is the surest and fastest way of finding your stores depleted. Once you are kind to yourself,  you will feel more positive and willing to be kind to others. Happiness is inevitably the most prominent offspring of kindness. If you’re kind to yourself, you’ll be kind to others. In other words, when you make yourself happy, you are able to make others happy as well.

Happy people are grateful people

Gratitude is not overrated. Its benefits are way more obvious than any vitamin supplements you might be taking. Gratefulness goes together with mindfulness, which is focussing on the present and cherishing what you do have in the present moment rather than longing for something you might be feeling a lack of. By being grateful for what you have, you only put your mental focus on a positive field of energy that breeds positive emotions. Expressing gratitude promotes positive feelings, and positive feelings promote feelings of joy and happiness. The more frequent this mindful practice of gratitude, the broader your mindset in the realm of the positive. Once gratitude becomes your permanent mindset, you are going to think and behave in positive ways that can only lead to more and more positive things and events in your life. It’s like muscle training. The more you flex what I call your „gratefulness muscles“, the more life will hand you happy and joyful reasons to be even more grateful for. Gratefulness breeds happiness, not the other way around.

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Happy people smile more often than not

One of the first decisions you will make, if you want to be happy, is to be happy! This might sound absurd, but it’s actually very straight forward. Happiness is a choice not some random good luck. We all have our shares of what we call good and bad times. Nobody is exempt! One of the very first things happy people do is to choose to be happy. If you practice kindness and gratefulness, you have many reasons to smile. A kind person does not frown while being kind. A grateful person does not have a sour face while feeling grateful. Be kind, be grateful and you will find yourself smiling more often. It costs nothing, and the rewards will be abundant. Of course you can’t force yourself to smile if you are nasty and mean to others. You cannot have a genuine smile if all you are thinking of is hurting or tricking someone else. To feel good you have to do good. Once this becomes your conscious choice, you will have no other outcome than happiness. And by all means, do express the happiness you feel by smiling. A smile is easy to pass on. It is contagious like a yawn. Don’t be discouraged, though, if some people do not return your smile. It is not you, it’s them. They might be lacking empathy. Not everyone has empathy. The same way some people are short-sighted, some are hard of hearing, some have speech impediments……some people don’t have empathy. They will not reciprocate your smile because they don’t feel endeared. They don’t feel endeard because they lack empathy. And keep in mind, people who lack empathy, do not know that they lack empathy.So they do not suffer. That’s why it is very important not to expect them to return your smile and even more important not to suffer if they don’t. Keep up the good work and pass on the good vibes regardless. Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you.

At the end of the day, you really don’t have to do much to be happy. Real happiness is more attainable than you think. Your reactions to the events of your life are what creates your state of mind. Happiness is nothing but a state of mind that is solely created by you. If you really want to be happy, you need to work on it everyday, and this work is really very simple. It is not rocket science. Be mindful, be grateful, be kind, and life will automatically put a genuine, heartfelt, happy smile on your face, which you can pass on to the rest of the world. You can pass it on because you will really feel it from within. You will feel it everyday because you practice it everyday. You will practice it everyday because you will see how easy it is. And that’s what happiness really is. Some of the easiest things in life are among those we assume to be the hardest.

Just try.

Have you done your inside job lately?