Analysis Paralysis? Or Just A Game Of XO

Does making decisions scare you? Do you often find yourself paralyzed when confronted with certain decisions?

The following monolog is an outward, verbal expression of how I felt a while ago, while trying to make a decision that took me too long to make….In the end, I wasn’t sure if waiting that long had helped in any way. More often than not, waiting long does not help.

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Confused much?

would it be what I think?
would it last in a blink
of an eye, or is it more?
will it rush? will it pour?

could it be that it’s not
what I dreamed, what I thought?
could it all be a whim?
is it slight? is it dim?

will it live or perish?
will I hate or cherish
what I see, or I won’t?
do I know, or I don’t?

is it right? is it wrong?
am I weak? am I strong?
is it there in my soul?
is it half? is it whole?

Is it easy to know
when it started to flow?
what I sense, what I feel…
is it there? is it real?

if I act on impulse…
am I  true? am I false?
what has come over me?
can I tell? will I see?

is it best to forget?
would I later regret?
should I face it and fight?
should I keep it inside?

will it ever suffice?
can I take a thin slice?
am I thinking too much?
should I just trust my hunch?

is it near? is it far?
should  I look in a star?
can I touch if I reach?
will it make me lose speech?

would this be what I sought?
would it prove? would it not?
is it just an instinct?
is my ship bound to sink?

am I sound ? am I sane?
is it loss? is it gain?
do I need to be sure?
can I go and explore?

will I fall? will I fail?
am I tough? am I frail?
should I go? should I leave?
is the weight hard to heave?

am I more than at stake?
is it me I forsake?
am I conscious or not?
would I want this a lot?

do I fancy or dream?
tell me how will it seem?
if I have to decide…
can I run? can I hide?

is it hard to explain?
is it time to refrain?
if I just let it be…
would it then set me free?

am I just? am I fair?
can I try? can I dare?
should I give? should I take?
will it be a mistake?

should I catch? should I throw?
could it be I don’t know?
am I in the right spot?
is it cold? is it hot?

should I play this X – O…
get it all in a row?
get all X, cross and win?
get all O, win again?

what’ s the best? what’s to choose?
if I play, will I lose?
can I stop, if I start?
is it easy? is it hard?

but  it’s more than a game
might be shine, might be rain
yet  it’s not black or white
there is no wrong, there’s no right

there’s a  pitch, there’s a ball
if I catch, I might fall
in a row, O  or X
in the end, still perplexed

hit-or-miss is my way
if not now, another day
maybe works, maybe not
maybe it’s not what I thought

then again, I think twice
I step back, no surprise
gone too far, it’s too high
shouldn’t believe  I could fly

I go back, I go forth
I go south, when aimed north
I go out of my mind
I get lost, I go blind

Where’s my zone? Where’s my space?
there’s a chance I’ll lose face!
can’t decide, don’t know why
if I were asked,  I couldn’t lie

am I out? am I in?
do I lose? do I win?
all my picks, all my takes….
are they O? are they X?

give myself time to breathe
stay above, search beneath
go through, go beyond
take a look what’s around

I often get confused
I get numb, I get used
to this state, to it all
in the end, I catch the ball

I panic, then I stop
what I catch, I soon drop
game’s still on, X and O
what to pick? I don’t know!

Message lost, message sent
there’s no need to pretend
not so sure what I mean?
read my lines in between!

It’s just a decision….

Trusting Your intuition Is Trusting Your Inner Guide

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If you intuit, you will get into it! Practice makes perfect

The moment you know that you know something, but you just don’t know why (laughs…). It might sound funny, but that’s exactly how intuition works. No hocus pocus, just an inner knowing that should not be ignored. When you instinctively know something, you may not find any logical reason for knowing or better yet sensing what you know. That inner voice you have an uncanny urge to follow is your intuition. That’s something few people choose to tap into. After all, we live in a digital world and most of us are ruled by technology. Why should we leave any space for intuition? Sad, isn’t it?

I am going to relate to you what I have learned about intuition. What I’m about to share with you is based on my own experience. I am not a psychologist nor a sociologist. I just pay heed to people and situations and am very aware of my environment. I use my senses to their full potential, because they have been given to me for free (laughs… you too, by the way!), and it would be a pity if I did not let them guide me through mindfulness. So now let me tell you how I see intuition.

You can’t tap into your intuition if you are using your head too much

Your mind is a valuable tool. Use it for statistics, mathematics, etc….best tool ever. For that, obviously, it needs some kind of external input. It is programmed by the input it receives externally. Intuition, on the other hand, is not a regularly recurring process. It is not a standing order. It is not fed externally.Your intuition kicks in before you start thinking anything. It comes out of nowhere, and it disappears just as fast as it came. You can’t control it. All you can do is to choose to either trust it or not. If you use your head too much, i.e. if too much heed is paid to your thoughts, intuition is ignored as a result. This doesn’t mean you should be completely mindless, either (laughs….). It just means that if your intuition is telling you something, simply let your mind translate it. Your intuition is like a messenger. Your mind is a decoder. Allow the message to be delivered, and let your mind quickly decode and translate it into an executable language. If you are not using your head too much, you can allow it to do a proper decoding.

You can’t tap into your intuition if you are ruled by your ego

Our intuition is a blessing! It is our internal GPS that is there to guide us. When you’re faced with making a decision, your ego always comes up with reasons why you should or shouldn’t do a certain thing. Sometimes the list of pros and cons your ego presents you with is so long that it makes you feel helplessly clueless. The more clueless you become, the slighter your inkling and the more strategies and logical reasoning you will feed into the process until you believe to be absolutely sure of the soundness of your decision. These pros and cons are based on previous experiences. Your ego believes to be making the right decision, and you let it do so by submitting to it. Your intuition, on the contrary, will always only give you one answer with no reason attached to it. No explanation, no strategy, no calculation will be at hand. It’s pure instinct. How do you know it’s right? You don’t (laughs…) but most of the time you will find out it is. The less you are ruled by your ego’s long and wordy list of reasons, the more you can rely on your intuition’s short and sweet message which always comes to you before your ego starts chattering away! Rely on what you hear first! That timing is crucial!

You can’t tap into your intuition if you’re coming from a place of mistrust

Let me tell you something about trust. In my experience, most trustful people are also very intelligent and tend to make more intelligent decisions than those who lack trust. Now, this doesn’t work in the reverse order, i.e. trusting others will not automatically make you intelligent. This means that by using your intuition, you will become a better judge of character and situations, which in turn will help you trust people and things more readily. Better judges make better decisions and quicker. If you are continuously mistrustful, you won’t allow your mind, let alone your intuition to come in. Mistrustful people stall. They simply stall and the more they stall the more they risk going backwards, which is kind of like a nightmare, if you can follow me. So using your intuition actively leads to intelligent decisions. The more you trust your intuition, the more heed you will pay to whom and what is worthy of your trust and the sounder your decisions (keep in mind that not everyone IS worthy of your trust, especially if their actions have proven otherwise). This goes to show that the sounder your decisions, the more intelligent you can consider yourself to be. Point blank. Congratulations!

You can’t tap into your intuition if you are relying too much on technology

This particular argument is no doubt obvious! If your are constantly using a device, scrolling up and down (smartphone, laptop, tablet, you name it), how do you suppose you’re ever going to notice your environment? Using an electronic gadget means you are ignoring everything else around you. In any given environment, a physically healthy person should be able to see, hear, smell, touch, feel and sometimes taste a multitude of things simultaneously. The more you activate your senses, the sharper they will become. When you are using an electronic gadget, you are limiting your senses to your device. You will mostly see and touch and perhaps hear. Not only that, to make the matters worse, this seeing, touching and hearing will be given to your gadget only! On top of that, you won’t feel, you won’t smell, and definitely won’t taste. Using all your senses simultaneously and regularly helps you expand your take on your environment and tap into your sixth sense, i.e. intuition. That’s the only way. And by God I have experienced that. How? By not constantly seeking a gadget’s company, confirmation (or comfort, should pity be the case!).

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You can’t tap into your intuition if you are not actively practicing empathy

Let me ask you a simple question: What happens to you internally when you see another person cry, suffer or undergo some kind of pain? Do you feel their pain and suffering? Do you try to help in any form or shape? Does it affect your emotions? If you have empathy the answer to all these questions is yes. Now what if you feel nothing? What if someone else’s pain and sadness does not touch you in any way? What if you walk by as if you did not even see them? What if your face looks blank because you feel blank inside? Does that mean you have no empathy? Possibly! Were you born that way? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe your empathy has been underused and has shut down as a result. That is a very possible scenario. This happens to people who have cut off their emotions due to a variety of reasons (e.g. stressful jobs, false friends, family upbringing, etc…). If you cut off your emotions you will habitually lack empathy until it becomes your normal way of life. In order to empathize, you have to be able to imagine yourself in someone else’ s shoes. If you have been continuously suppressing your emotions you will kill that imagination and end up losing your empathy. This, coupled with a job that is very structured and requires little to no creativity and imagination, will incrementally turn you into an emotionless person. You will thrive in your career because you are a super robot which brings in super results with no emotions, no love, no imagination and no empathy for others. This is how some super achievers become super achievers: at the peril of their emotions and what makes a person beautiful. Paradoxically, you might seem stable. From the external vantage point, you might seem to have it all together. Your life might appear to be on an even keel. But once others find themselves in a conversation with you, they will wonder if they aren’t in some sort of a monolog! (sad laughs….). If you lack empathy, you will only stick to facts and experiences drawn from those facts. There are no more emotions to tap into. You will stick to facts because you believe facts to be predictable and emotions not. The more you allow this vicious circle to envelope you, the slimmer your chances of regaining that empathy you once had, unless you were born an autist, in which case none of the things I just said apply to you. Practicing empathy starts with listening and paying attention to others and your environment. It can always get better if you listen and care more. That’s how it gets activated and remains continuously charged.

Empathy is to be felt through people and connecting to their emotions. Commit yourself to facts and figures and ignore people’s emotions, say good bye to empathy! It’s a choice you are making. Ignoring other people is also a lifestyle many choose. Question is: do YOU want that lifestyle?

If you are going to continue reading this article, chances are you don’t.

You can’t tap into your intuition if your imagination is dormant

Let’s talk about what I call a chronic imagination deficit, which leads to a very mechanical life with lots of accomplishments and merits, and little to no love and feelings for others, possibly not even for yourself. This is how some people have a blank face. Believe me, it isn’t always botox! Laughs….If you have cut off from your emotions and lost your imagination, thus empathy, you have left absolutely no room for intuition. Your decisions will all be logic based. Sure enough, you will not suffer if you fail, just as much as you won’t be overjoyed if you succeed (think about that blank face!). Now this might all sound practical and not such a bad deal, until a rude awakening slaps you to give you that wake up call. Here’s the deal: facts, as much as we like to call them facts, aren’t always true. Facts can be manipulated just as much as emotions, if not more. Facts can be calculated and delivered with an outcome you will sign in for.

So following facts and making your decisions based off of them does not always guarantee you success. In life, I have discovered that facts aren’t always as truthful as we believe them to be. You will believe those so-called „facts“ if you are ruled by your ego and shut down your feelings. When you find yourself at the mercy of facts (facts are dictated by other people not by gods!) and you have already deactivated your intuition, the mistakes you could be making could be graver than you thought. Granted, we all make mistakes, but in all honesty, I would much rather make mistakes from a place of love and empathy than from a dead place of miscalculated facts. And believe me, the more you allow your intuition to help you, the better the quality of your decisions and the feelings attached to them. After all, what are we without feelings? A blank face charging ahead in full command of nothingness. Congratulations to the Commander in Chief! Laughs……

Don’t let your imagination die. Use it actively. How? Practice empathy. Empathy and imagination sharpen your intuition.

You can’t tap into your intuition if you think you know it all

Some of the most knowledgeable people make the most astonishingly stupid mistakes. Do you ever wonder why? Well, how about this: It’s not the knowledge, it’s the knowing. When you are making a decision relying solely on your knowledge, thinking you have all the facts and let your ego kick your intuition aside, you are coming from a place of fear. Your decisions will be made on the precipice of „failure/no failure“. Your ego is afraid of failure. Your ego thinks: am I failing or am I not failing! But your intuition is never coming from a place of fear. Intuition does not think zeros and ones. Your intuition does not think failure or no failure. It just feels right and that’s all you need to know. It is not your knowledge, it’s your knowing. Many people think intuition is the same as a gut feeling. But I believe it is not. Intuition is a feeling in your heart. It is a fuzzy and comfortable feeling. If you have a sinking feeling in your gut, a sort of tightness, then it is not your intuition. It is fear. Fear is ruled by ego. Ego is ruled by experience. Experience is fear based. Intuition is an inner knowing. It feels safe and easy. It’s a knowing and you know it when you know it, not when you „know it all“.

Think you got me.

You can’t tap into your intuition if you don’t pay attention to your dreams and other clues

Your intuition always tries to communicate with you in your dreams. It is a major way of your own spirit communicating with you. When your soul (if you believe in one) senses something, it will project it onto your dreams in vivid images. This is your intuition’s way of screaming at you. If your intution is trying to have a soul jolting conversation with you, if it’s been trying to warn you about something, listen and respond. Allow no resistance. Don’t be frightened when your intuition is heightened! Heightened intuition begs for a letting in on signals. This won’t be just through your dreams. When your intuition wants to get your attention, it sends you signs and signals. You will suddenly start noticing things you did not notice before. Those things will be occuring and recurring. Let’s say you have been wanting to travel to XYZ destination for the first time, but have not been able to make up your mind. You will suddenly see signs, posters, articles, whatnot about that destination, for or against it, depending on what your intuition is trying to tell you. Has this ever happened to you? In our daily life, we run into an abundance of signs our intuition is sending us. Most people are too blind to see them! Would you like to change that? Would you like to let your intuition guide you more and more? Will you allow it?

If you’re still not sure and need more persuasion, listen to Einstein: