I Think, Therefore I’m Not! I Feel, Therefore I Am…….Alive.

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Sorry about the wordplay, Descartes!

Can we really be sure of anything in life? Aren’t even the most seemingly certain things in life doubtful? „I think therefore I am“, said Descartes. So much as: my gray matter working is a sure sign I exist. Well let’s see. It all depends on your definition of existence.

Cogito ergo sum: „ I think therefore I am“ what is your take on this phrase?

Do we all have those moments when we start doubting everything? Is the day really day? Is the night really night? Is my neighbor really a person, or is he a ray of light? Does he exist? Am I really eating this bread, or is it my imagination? Did I hear a sound or was it the reflection of a thought that my mind gave a pitch and an octave to? Am I here? Do I really exist? Is everything I believe to be existing really existing? It might all sound like you are high, you could be (laughs…) but you need not be. Brace yoursyelf! You are drowned in thinking! We do that, i.e. we think, but hopefully not to our own detriment! I said hopefully, because many of us do.

How do most of us go about thinking? Well, first we have to establish that there is a „we“ (laughs….). But do we really have to prove our existence? I am not a philopher and I certainly do not wish, aim or dare to compete with, oppose or question Descartes or any other philosopher for that matter. For all I know, I might just be a small dot in the corner (not even the center……laughs…) of a huge map of random imaginary existence. And by the way yes, I do believe that we all exist if we choose to acknowledge life. And if someone were to urge me to question life, I would say it is a futile attempt trying to investigate this case, unless you have nothing better to do than scrutinize the validity of your precious existence, which defies sanity and the logical thinker’s own logic by any conceivable measure. So what am I trying to convey here?

I think, therefore I’m not going to question life and my own existence. Life is something to feel.

Life is a gift that you should feel and accept with gratitude. Life does not deserve doubt, it merits recognition with certainty. It is not by doubting and questioning the existence of things and yourself that you know you are as in „you exist“. When and if you feel happiness, joy, sadness, remorse, excitement, euphoria, empathy, enthusiasm, love, compassion, rage, regret, frustration, hope, pride, you name it…, that is the proof you exist. Anything short of that means you are a walking dead or a half zombie, or a robot (laughs…)!

Sadly enough, there are people who don’t feel, because they’re too busy thinking. Why? It beats me! Perhaps they are convinced it makes them look smarter. Perhaps they were fed to believe that the more they assume that air of thinking the more respect they will earn from others. Perhaps they have internalized the belief that feelings are illusions, so they think and think, therefore don’t feel anything (laughs….). Or they might have a deep-rooted aversion against emotions because to them it would take a „fool“ and require „foolishness“ to feel and express emotions, and oh boy, do they not wish to be associated with „fools and co.“, for they’re destined to represent the epitome of wisdom, located at the center of the universe! (laughs again….).

What Descartes did was to suggest that if he was thinking, he could be assured of his existence. Let me kowtow to this great philosophy before I shamelessly tweak it. Sure, thinking is one sign of physical existence, but thinking without feelings is borderlining non-existence. That’s the way I look at it. You might say that writing this article will require thinking. My answer to you would be: not entirely. I let my feelings bring words to me. I don’t think. Not the way most people would. I think with my heart, not with my mind, i.e. I feel. My thinking is only a tool to accurately label the emotions I am experiencing. What do I really mean? Let me give you some simple examples:

I think, therefore I’m not going to miss out on life’s little blessings, the sum of which account for a myriad of blessings.

My senses are the surest ways of connecting to the world and affecting my experience of events and situations. To me, emotions come before cognition. I know something because I feel it and not vice versa. We can debate on that for hours, but that’s how it is for some people. This makes my perception of people and things very different than that of a standard logical thinker. When I feel something, I have no doubt. There is no ruminating involved, my senses do not deceive, as thoughts do. What I sense, is my reality, which no one or dogma can take away from me. Trusting my senses can sometimes lead me to uncanny conclusions. My senses are my internal compass, diligently and patiently guiding me through this humongous mass of what some people call chaos, i.e. our magical, wonderful universe.

When I open my window and see flowers, I stop thinking and start heeding their beauty, smelling their fragrance, and feeling grateful for the emotions these wonders of nature awaken in me. That’s when I feel alive and know that I exist.

When I smell fresh coffee in the morning, my mind shuts off automatically (my gray matter is quite adept at that, I authorized it long ago), then I take a deep breath, inhale the aroma, feel the happy feelings it injects into me, appreciate the flavor I’m about to savor, and feel alive after the first sip. Thus I have no doubt I exist. I feel it.

When I look at the sky, stars, the moon, when I see the sun rise and set, I know they’re there for me. They’re life’s precious gifts I should not doubt nor question. They are the very reason I know I am alive. I feel them, and they tell me I exist.

When I hear a nice melody, the kind of music I might be keen on, I stop thinking, listen deeply, let the music take me to a place that has nothing to do with thoughts but everything to do with feelings. I stop ruminating, instead I feel euphoric. And then I feel that magic called life which beautifully and effortlessly confirms my existence.

Should I start hypothesizing whether or not what I am seeing or smelling or hearing is all a product of my imagination and that everything could be an illusion or part of a parallel universe? I sure could, but why would I? Why would anyone want to do that? Why question a gift that is yours when you can have, savor and feel it? Would it make me a smarter person to think and question and doubt everything? Absolutely not. Pardon, mais je ne pense pas! It would only make me a dumb ass (oops, pardon my French!). To what end? I love philosophy and enjoy philosophizing, but not to my own detriment. So let’s put it this way: I think, therefore I’m not…….. I feel, therefore I am…….. Got that? Merci infiniment!

I think, therefore I’m not going to succumb to society’s definition of wisdom.

Many of us grow up to believe that the less we show emotions the wiser we are or appear to be. In other words, to be wise means to be stoic, devoid of emotions, self-contained, like a book in a shelf. Some societies praise that. Some cultures define wisdom as such. Emotions are for the fools, we’ve all heard. So kudos to the emotionally dead, for they exude temperance and demonstrate wisdom.

They are the masters of their domain. What domain, may I ask? Zeros and ones? Oh please, by all means, keep it to yourselves wise masters! People who feel things do not wish to be a part of that pathetic domain. And yes, call them fools, for they do not care. After all, What is wisdom? Who is wise? Who started deeming it as such? We live in a free world (although that’s debatable, too), and it is everyone’s prerogative to define anything in any way they wish. So, I have decided not to abide by the society’s interpretation of this notion.

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We feel alive, we don’t think alive.

Wisdom means you see with your heart, hear with your heart, smell with your heart, say with your heart, touch with your heart and feel with your heart. And when you do so, you feel your soul in you, and you can be certain you exist. Granted, wise or unwise, we all make mistakes. But I’d much rather they came from a heart space as opposed to a calculating space inside that box you call your head. After all, we say “feel alive” and not “think alive”! Correct me if I’m wrong! And when you feel alive, you will know for sure that you exist. Now wouldn’t it be a wise thing to know that you exist? Or do you want your gray matter to keep torturing you on that doubt (or any other doubts) for the rest of your pathetic non-existence? The wise fool in me revels in life and all that lives and feels, and in knowing I am indeed a part of that wonderful magic.

The wisest thing you can do to yourself and environment is to feel and acknowledge.

The real wise don’t run after a zillion things to achieve, they feel things one at a time, and ideas and inspirations flow to them naturally. They don’t do things, they savor.

The real wise don’t need more and more tools to know things even better, their internal compass and their intuition guides them and their feelings for the most part, tools are occasional supplements for mundane activities.

The real wise don’t get tired or bored of anything, they constantly discover and feel new emotions in any given situation which makes any moment a wonder of its own.

They real wise don’t strive for perfection, they appreciate and feel everything for what it’s worth.

The real wise don’t chase after fulfillment, every moment in life is flowing towards them to fulfill their emotions, body and soul in different dimensions. They feel fulfilled.

The real wise don’t seek the company of the standard wise asses, they enjoy the beauty of their own internal feelings and that of their kindred spirits.

The real wise are not impressed by insincere, calculating, so-called logical “thinkers”, they really appreciate and feel the ingenuity of their circle of the like-spirited (notice how I say “like-spirited and not “like-minded”?).

The real wise are not afraid of showing emotions for fear of imbecility or weakness, their vulnerability gives them strength to be receptive to new ingenious ideas and feelings.

The real wise are never drowned in busy-ness, instead they are immersed in the feeling of what they do. And believe me, they could be very productive and industrious all the same. And because they feel, they are never too busy for anyone or anything. Feelings are infinite, tasks are finite and constraining. You will only understand this if you come from a place of feeling, not thought.

The real wise are never in a hurry to get somewhere lest they might waste time, they know that time is more abundant when they slow down and feel the moments for what they’re worth. The real masters will not become slaves to any time constraints. Rushing is for the fools!

Now let me ask you a question: How many times did you see the word “feel” or “feeling” in the most recent paragraphs? Guess you know by now where I stand. That sums up my definition of wisdom.

Do I think I’m wise? I don’t think, therefore I’m not going to answer that question (laughs…) I only feel that I really appreciate life and my existence. With the same token, I don’t second guess what my senses tell me about people I am surrounded by or the environment I find myself in. I feel everything intensely. Every emotion touches me deeply. Sure enough, there are times when those emotions get the better of me, and their effects are way more dramatic on me than on unemotional, stoic, logical “thinkers”. but heck…they make me feel alive. I feel my existence. I think with my heart. I feel, therefore I am alive.

And here is to the alleged “wise” who think, therefore they know it all:

that one day when you thought
you had it all figured out

returned what you had bought
got something new till you found out

that nothing would suffice
in fulfilling your ideal

disappointment multiplies
when you can’t tell fake from real

that’s when it all began,
your world turned into high and low

high, when you said “I can”
low, when you clearly didn’t know

a vicious circle started
and your world turned fast and faster

arrived yet soon departed
in this game you’re now the master

you don’t know where you live
but you have the world’s best phone

you’re ruled by your agenda
and dictated by your time zone

you can’t really complain
cause you’ve got yourself so busy

“no pain there’ll be no gain”
which makes your life seem easy

but when you’re terrified
in confusion you dig deeper

your fear gets magnified
cause when you dig it all gets steeper

and then you stop and think
for you believe you’re old and wise

you’re a book in a shelf
and it’s time you got a prize

they praise you for your wisdom
you seem very self-contained

you’ve become part of a system
and you’re just another game.

I feel, therefore I am alive!

Your Job Does Not Define You, Your Soul Does!

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I have learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.“ – Maya Agnelou

If you were to take a snap shot of your life in the past 10 years or so, what are the things you’d be taking stock of? Would you be content with your development and who you have become over the years? Or are you too busy to deem this question as pertinent?

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see what you really see. What DO you see? Do you see the person you like to be? Do you see someone your past self would look at and say: „I’m proud of who I have become.“ ? How do you define yourelf? How do you define your success? Is it the amount of money you make? Is it your fame? Is it your title? Is it your status? Who are you? Who are your really? Do you define yourself through your job and career accomplishments? Because if you do, I feel very sorry for you, for you are not living your life, that one thing that is given to you, gifted to you, handed to you, yet you choose to put on the backburner, because the frontburner is too busy boiling over with career.

Overexertion killed the cat! Keep the balance!

Let me make it simple: there is more to life than just work. Granted, having a career is very important. And liking what you do is more so. There is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you make a difference by offering a service to others. It gives you that natural force you need every morning when you wake up and say to yourself: „I make a difference“. However, overexerting yourself in the career realm (like any other form of overexertion) is truly toxic, not only for you, but for the people in your life. It destroys your soul and changes your personality. It removes the values you once had and gradually turns you into a sad, efficient robot. Tragically enough, it takes hold of you to the point of you not even knowing that your peril is an incremental sealed deal. It will kick away that last bit of integrity in you and make you numb to all those valuable things in life that you were born to enjoy, it makes you oblivious to the importance of giving. You single handedly deny yourself of life, by overdedication to your job, hence overexerting yourself for a lost cause. A cause that could care less about you!

Putting your life on the backburner turns you into an emotionally crippled being!

While it is essential to have a job and enjoy doing it, it is crucial to find a balance between life and work. When you put your career on the front burner for too long, you become emotionally crippled and continue seeking power and recognition through more and more work. Other people’s happiness will no longer mean anything to you. It is not someone’s smile that makes your day, or a beautiful, sunny day that makes you happy, it is work, work work that gives you a kick, like a drug. This misery spirals at the risk of losing many valuable things and people in a life you don’t even know you are living. And soon you will be entering the faculty of workaholics and graduating with honors! Congratulations!

And here’s how workaholics will operate: they become controlling, manipulative and emotionally crippled! The worst part is, they become numb to other people’s emotions. They don’ feel sad if someone else is sad, they don’t feel happy if someone else is happy, they don’t feel anything. They just don’t feel. Period. They work. They do do do. They’re efficient engines with no other destination than work. They turn into robots. Oh pity! Is that even a life! They don’t hear sounds, they hear their ego.

They don’t see life’s amazing little details, they see numbers. They don’t smell the freshness of a beautiful morning in the spring, they smell power or money, or both. They don’t feel life and love, they perform. And if you bring the importance of a balanced life to their attention, they’ll often mock you by telling you that unlike you, they have more important things to do. They even go as far as telling you they don’t believe in happiness. They tell you that they have a job to do and their mission is not to look for happiness, but to do their job.  They turn into a walking ego! They lose their soul. Yes, very sad. They will be full of themselves yet devoid of a soul.

That’s what happens to you when you put life on the backburner and tend to your career only! You lose your balance. You will become out of sync with your environment. Nothing will matter to you except your job. Your ego becomes your ruler. This ruler dictates work and you surrender like a slave. And that’s where you find meaning and recognition. That is how you end up defining yourself. You become your job, and your job becomes you, and your ego feels boosted in the process. Meanwhile, you find yourself  competing with a whole bunch of other lonely egos, each trying to get more inflated than the other. A whole bunch of soulless egos who believe they make the world go round, until one day reality serves them with a rude awakening. Do you want to end up like that? If you’re reading this article and are going to continue reading to the end, chances are you don’t. So here’s a very simple advice:

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Make your happiness a mission by living a balanced life

Many people don’t realize how precious life is. They take it for granted. They take people for granted. They take everything for granted. Life is a gift many people slight and ignore. There is so much beauty to feel and appreciate. There are so many blessings to enjoy and be thankful for. There is so much joy to feel that costs absolutely nothing. Yet many people choose to live blind and deaf, completely ignorant of the beauty that surrounds them. When you start acknowledging all the abundant blessings around you and feel grateful, you generate good vibrations and positive energy. Being grateful changes your mood and gives you good feelings. People who are consumed by their job feel none of that! Oh what a miserabe existence! I believe that we all have a mission and that mission is nothing short of being happy. The easiest and most available way to this happiness is to to stop and smell the flowers, both literally and proverbially. If you find yourself devoting too much of your time and energy to your job, career, position and power, if you let your ego kill your soul,  you are doing something wrong.

Don’t let a job kill your soul! Get up and yell charge! Take charge of your happiness by enjoying and appreciating your surroundings, the people in it and the feelings you are able to feel, before you lose your senses and let a job make you numb to the abundance of this beautiful gift called life. Let your soul help you feel. Nourish your soul by taking notice of life. Life is a present, and the only way to feel it is to BE present and IN the present. Give it a try…NOW.

So what defines you?

The answer to this question cannot be very specific. There is no single element that defines a person.

We are the sum total of everything we do, feel and create. We are the product of our actions, emotions and choices. It is not a job, a house, a car, a partner, a family, a feeling an emotion, a God knows what that defines us. It is all of those things, rolled into one and the way we take and handle each without slighting the other. In other words, it is your soul. Your soul is what it is because of your choices.

Whatever choices we make in life and the impact they make on us and on others is what is left behind when we pass to the other side. Our soul is the sum total of our choices. People who choose to confine their soul in a cage by giving themselves to one area of life have diminished souls. People who wake up in the morning and consciously choose to open their iPad and connect to that „omnipotent business“, to all the „important nothings“ in the first hour of the morning instead of first looking out the window and enjoying, appreciating the sky, the sun, even the clouds….smelling the air and being amazed by life before they begin work have a diminished soul and will eventually become soulless. And that’s how they are defined. They choose to be defined that way. That is the amount of soul they will allow in their life. It is like going to a 5 star restaurant and asking for bread and tab water. It is malnourishment by design! It is a choice! Your soul is a choice.

You get what you ask for. Your soul defines you! And sadly enough, some people with diminished souls, those who are ruled by their ego, will become soulless, losing themselves in their career. And those who choose to expand their soul by giving to and investing in different areas of life on an equal keel, consciously choose to live a soulful, thus fulfilled life. They radiate love and positive energy, attract positive people and shamelessly enjoy the gift that has been handed to them: LIFE!

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive? That Is The Question!

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What does forgiveness really mean?
Do you sometimes feel pressurized to forgive the person who has hurt you, just because it is said to be the right thing to do?

If someone asked you what you should do to a person who has hurt you, what would you say? What’s the most typical answer that you would be bound to give? What do most people consider “the right thing”? What have you been told all your life?

They say: Forgive them

Let me warn you – and that is my personal opinion – forgiving might be one of the most futile attempts you will find yourself making, especially if the hurting was a repeated and recurring act upon you by the wrongdoer and the person was aware of their actions all along. Let me explain this to you in my capacity of one who’s been there and done that. Here’s how it goes: No one in this world, I repeat: no one in this world is capable of fully forgiving. Try hard as you may, it is just not going to happen. You can in fact try to think less of the situation and let it occupy a smaller and less significant part of your life and thoughts, with the hope of eventually becoming numb to the intensity of the whole thing,  but there is this what I call “inner you” that will never truly forgive the other person, no matter how many times you tell yourself and others that you have forgiven and forgotten. It is just not possible. And even if it were, it would be an unhealthy option. Besides, you can only try to forgive a person who has asked for forgiveness. Only then  might there be a slight chance that forgiving could perhaps partially happen. But what if the wrongdoer never admits to their wrongdoing? What if they’re self righteous? What if they know they have hurt you but do not care? Would you still try to forgive them? Would you?

My advice is don’t. Do not try to forgive them for they do not deserve any well meaning attempts of your forgiveness. It is not your job to give them reprieve. Life has a way of balancing things out. Let life take care of it.

What am I suggesting, then?

Staying angry? No. Lingering anger is a toxic emotion. By all means, do get angry, for every emotion is your given right to feel. It’s nature’s gift handed to you and will help you purge whatever resentment is in you. So do let it all out, but don’t dwell in it. Angry people are not happy people. I’m sure you want to be happy. That’s why you’re reading this article!

Indulging in your resentment? No, no and no! Why would anyone want to do that? Like anger, resentment is a feeling you cannot deny. Let it be felt, but do not let it take hold of you. It will only make you bitter. Every time you’re about to let resentment take the better of you, tell yourself: I am better, not bitter. It’s a simple reminder that will work wonders.

Reveling in vindictiveness? Hell no. Getting vindictive is the most toxic option. The one it will hurt most is you, yourself! So don’t even go there. You will soon find out that life has a miraculous way of restoring justice. Divine timing will take care of it all. So sit back and enjoy the “better you”. Peachy looks way better on you!

Fueling sadness by sad thoughts? No way! Again, feel sad for as long as it provides you some relief. But find ways to get out of it. If it is physical exercise that helps you achieve that, then get up and move it. If it’s happy, uplifting music, then let it play. If it is your favorite chocolate that kicks sadness away, then by all means munch on it (don’t overdo! lol). What I’m trying to say is: Don’t let looming thoughts dampen your spirit. Get enthralled by that magical sunshine within you. You have it. It is there. It’s called your mojo! Crank it up!

Imagining 50 ways of bringing the wrongdoer down? No, not helpful. If you have time to invest in 50 ways of any shape or form, let it be 50 ways to uplift yourself instead. We live in a world of infinite possibilities. Give voice to your true desires and let them flourish. You will be amazed to find out that there are more than 50 ways to tend to your own desires. The gist of what I am suggesting is: make your own happiness your focus instead of the wrongdoer’s misery. It is the healthiest and most powerful option available to you….with no shipment costs! (lol…)

So, if forgiving the wrongdoer is not what I’m suggesting, what is my advice?

I say: Forgiving is the right thing. You just have to remind yourself of who it is you are forgiving.
The only person that truly needs and deserves forgiveness is no one but you, yourself and thyself! To thyself be gentle! See what I’m getting at? This means stop beating yourself up for whatever the case might be.

Perhaps for having given to undeserving people, putting up with crap, giving up your happiness, tending to ungracious beings, giving without expecting to receive, tolerating unreasonable creatures, accepting mean treatment, legitimizing condescension, agreeing to being slighted, overlooking  disrespect, letting anyone dampen your spirit, etc…etc…Everyone has a different story. Once you realize that you have been making a mistake, forgive yourself and move on. Above all, remind yourself to never ever repeat the same mistakes again. Then take a hot bath and say hallalujah, bullshit is over, I forgive myself, life goes on. Period.

THAT is the meaning of forgiveness! Got it? Now go and try it. It will make you feel really good. I guarantee you peace of mind, body and soul. How do I know? Been there done that! Just take my word for it.

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They say: Forgive and forget
Really? Seriously? They expect us to do that? So they lie to you, steal from you, treat you badly, step on your soul, step on your heart, slight you, ignore you, kick you to the curb, leave you out in the cold and what have you, and all that by design – again, we all have a different story of our wrongdoers, I don’t know your particular story, but I’m sure that if you’re reading this article, you might have a situation or two in mind- and you just miraculously do some random act of forgiving and forgetting? What kind of an imbalanced equation is that? And is it supposed to „free you“? Free you how? If you were to put emotions aside and think from a logical stance, would that even be mathematically possible? Not a chance. So what and who do “forgiving and forgetting” refer to?

I say: Forgive yourself and don’t forget what happened lest you might let it happen again!
Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. While you shower yourself with forgiveness, you also remind yourself that you should never forget what happened, in order to not ever let it happen again. Forgiving yourself means you love yourself. Loving yourself means you will never again let someone mistreat or hurt you. You will just not let that happen. Be your own puppy! Take yourself out for walks….give yourself treats! And pat yourself on your back (not on your head, that would look kind of weird! lol…) saying: good job!

They say: Forgiveness is an act of strength not weakness
Some might say: „forgiveness is an act of strength. You don’t forgive because you are weak, but because you are strong and by letting go of resentment you will be happy and at peace.“

True? Not entirely.

Let me tweak this statement.

I say: Forgive yourself because you are strong and know that by letting go of resentment toward yourself for having endured as much and as long as you did, you will be happy and at peace with yourself.
Forgiving yourself shows that you love yourself. And as you all know, (s)he who does not love her/himself cannot love others. Got that? Any objections? If you are on the same page with me, you got some self loving to catch up on. Ready, set, love!

They say: If you forgive, you will be forgiven
What??!!! What on earth is THAT supposed to mean?
Ladies and gentlemen, let me collect my thoughts. I am bewildered. If you have been wronged, conned, left out in the cold and hurt by someone, then who the hell is to forgive whom? If you are the forgiver, then what kind of a twisted logic would stipulate that you need their forgiveness in return? If you ever did consider forgiving the other person, it would only be a fake act of charity on your part. What this statement really means is, as I have already explained: FORGIVE THY F…..SELF! It’s a one way thing, people! One way! You forgive yourself for all the love you did NOT „ bestow upon thyself“. As simple as that. That will be the purest, most sincere, authentic, heartfelt and healthy form of forgiveness! And believe me, it will bear fruit.

And now I say:
Read this article again and pick yourself back up!

And if you’re still questioning your fate, and thinking that you might not find peace even after forgiving yourself – but I guarantee you will – remember this:

If the rain won’t stop pouring
If the wind won’t stop roaring
If the gods won’t stop exploring
don’t give up!

If the sun won’t start shining
If clouds have no silver lining
If nothing seems to be rhyming
don’t give up!

If the air around you gets too thick
If the words you hear make you sick
If you think Karma’s playing a trick
don’t give up!

If time will get you nowhere
If the world seems to be unfair
If all you feel is despair
don’t give up!

If life gets all so hectic
If people become skeptic
If all you hear is time tick
don’t give up!

If you feel you’ve lost your reasons
If friends come and go with seasons
If relationhips turn to treason
don’t give up!

If the mountain you’re climbing is too steep
If the river you’re crossing is too deep
If the step you’re taking’s a giant leap
don’t give up!

If the road seems to be too long
If you think you can’t be that strong
put these three words into a song:
“don’t give up!”

Because you are strong and life IS good! You just have to recognize and appreciate it. And the first step you take towards this appreciation is by appreciating YOU and forgiving YOURSELF.

You Want To Change But Are Afraid?

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You want to change but are afraid?

The sooner you start doing away with your old, obsolete views that no longer serve a purpose in your current life the lighter the baggage you shouldn’t have carried to begin with!

It won’t always behoove you to stick it out! Making a change means leaving your comfort zone.

Hey you! Why do you wait until your life is at its lowest ebb in order to start with change? Do you really have to wait until things are completely out of whack before you make that first step towards change? You certainly don’t, but that’s what you do, because you got stuck on the comfort of what or who you know. What you don’t know is scary, what you know feels familiar, even if it stinks. Like that old couch with ketchup and coffee stains you hold on to, just because it’s comfy. You know it’s ruining your posture and makes you slouch. You know it doesn’t even look nice in that living room of yours. Yet you keep it, because it’s all you know and because getting a new one means investing some time and effort which you choose to invest in being a couch potato matching that couch instead! So you match yourself to your stinky, stained couch instead of getting one that matches what you really need. You keep it until one day you realize your spine is hurting and your environment is stinkning. Is that what your really wanted? See what I’m getting at? The thing is, do you really have to wait and stick it out that long? Of course not! So get up and get that ultimate couch that smells fresh, is better for your spine and deserves your booty (no pun intended, or maybe??). Take that leap of faith. Even if it’s literally a couch!

Settling for things because they’re what you know makes you complacent and stagnant. Change requires action!

No no no….and no again! You don’t want comfortable! You stay in that space because it is what you know not because it will behoove you. You need to remind yourself that where you are is NOT what you are. When you become complacent, you stop growing! You become stagnant. Stagnancy stinks. Stagnancy festers. So why do you choose to become stagnant instead of heading for some change? The answer is fear of the unknown. Often you know damn well what makes you unhappy, yet you choose to stay in denial of your true desires! You go back and forth, convoluted, robbing yourself of what you truly deserve,  just because you have become too comfortable. You revel in the stink of that stagnancy, because it’s all you know. Because it`s all you know, because it’s all you know, because it’s all you know! Should I say more?

I thought so!

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Don’t let familiarity kill your individuality! Sometimes the best change you can make is morphing back to who you  have always been!

You can in fact bring luster to a tarnished way of living by simply switching your vantage point from a complacent, stagnant being stuck on old views to a renewed spirit unafraid of change. But you have to stop playing mind games on yourself. If your intuition is screaming at you that „something is foul in the state of Denmark“ (hope you remember Hamlet), regardless of what your situation is – everyone has a different story – then there should be no doubt in your mind that it’s time to make a change. Not being able to make a decision because you are ignoring that spot on intuition is a crime. It’s injustice done upon yourself! Don’t get lost in the analysis paralysis of whether or not you should make that first move towards change. You have to continuously remind yourself that the belief you are holding on to with your teeth and claws – take whatever applies to you- might not be the best since sliced bread!! Get up and get what you really want and be who you really are. Because that slice of bread that you believed was the best made you forget that you don’t even like bread! You forgot your own taste, your own preferences! You lost your individuality. How did that happen? Maybe you were thankfully conned into accepting the loss of your own identity, because the real you wasn’t even there to say thanks, but no thanks!  The only way to find out is to morph back into who you have always been. How? By moving on and away from whatever it is that is confining you. Need I say more?

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If in doubt, throw it out! Change means getting rid of what no longer alignes with your purpose.

    Once you start redefining your purpose you will slowly realize that old ways and thoughts don’t cut it anymore…..they only cut YOU! Say for instance you choose to invest in something, someone or a situation you know is no longer good for you: red flag! Why? Why, why why??!! Why invest in your problems? As sick as it may sound, you may have fallen in love with your problems. How did that happen? You let familiarity kill your individuality. Once you lose that individuality, you lose your identity. But now you need an identity. We all need one. So you start wondering: „who am I?“. Then you start identifying with your problems. And you let those problems rule you. The more they rule you, the farther away you get from your true identity.  You start believing they are you. You become one with them. They become an integral part of you. What has happened is that you are no longer you.  You are your problems. So you decide to stay with them „till death do us part“! They are familiar. They are all you know. They are you! You have become your problems like conjoint twins!!! And then you start doubting yourself! This doubt is good, only it should not be directed towards you. It should be directed towards your problems! Sad thing is, you haven’t even identified them as problems yet. But your are faced with doubt! Don’t let this doubt kill yet another part of you ! Put your foot down and say: thanks but no thanks!! Get up and do some spring cleaning! Throw out any thoughts, beliefs or views you no longer need. Ancient baggage is nothing but a heavy burden. Don’t claim that baggage! Let it remain unclaimed! Leave it unattended! By all means claim and re-claim yourself instead! Refertilize YOU. If you have to think twice, if you are in doubt, it’s a sign you should throw it out! Throw IT out, and bring YOU back.

One, two, three…..purge!!!

You won’t get it unless you forget it! To allow change you have to welcome the new and forget the old.

Whatever you do, do not, I repeat: do not revisit the past! Old stories are obsolete. Revisitation of the past hinders forward movement. Clear the decks and move on. Dwelling in the past lowers your energy. Why? Moving backwards is always harder than forwards! The energy you spend on revisiting the past is an utter waste! It lowers your stamina and dampens your morale! Keep dwelling there and you’ll end up nowhere! You have to forget it! You want to move forward? Then move forward! How? Forget the past! Two simple words: forget it! How? Two simple words: forget it! But how? Need I repeat? FORGET IT!!!!