Your Job Does Not Define You, Your Soul Does!

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I have learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.“ – Maya Agnelou

If you were to take a snap shot of your life in the past 10 years or so, what are the things you’d be taking stock of? Would you be content with your development and who you have become over the years? Or are you too busy to deem this question as pertinent?

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see what you really see. What DO you see? Do you see the person you like to be? Do you see someone your past self would look at and say: „I’m proud of who I have become.“ ? How do you define yourelf? How do you define your success? Is it the amount of money you make? Is it your fame? Is it your title? Is it your status? Who are you? Who are your really? Do you define yourself through your job and career accomplishments? Because if you do, I feel very sorry for you, for you are not living your life, that one thing that is given to you, gifted to you, handed to you, yet you choose to put on the backburner, because the frontburner is too busy boiling over with career.

Overexertion killed the cat! Keep the balance!

Let me make it simple: there is more to life than just work. Granted, having a career is very important. And liking what you do is more so. There is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you make a difference by offering a service to others. It gives you that natural force you need every morning when you wake up and say to yourself: „I make a difference“. However, overexerting yourself in the career realm (like any other form of overexertion) is truly toxic, not only for you, but for the people in your life. It destroys your soul and changes your personality. It removes the values you once had and gradually turns you into a sad, efficient robot. Tragically enough, it takes hold of you to the point of you not even knowing that your peril is an incremental sealed deal. It will kick away that last bit of integrity in you and make you numb to all those valuable things in life that you were born to enjoy, it makes you oblivious to the importance of giving. You single handedly deny yourself of life, by overdedication to your job, hence overexerting yourself for a lost cause. A cause that could care less about you!

Putting your life on the backburner turns you into an emotionally crippled being!

While it is essential to have a job and enjoy doing it, it is crucial to find a balance between life and work. When you put your career on the front burner for too long, you become emotionally crippled and continue seeking power and recognition through more and more work. Other people’s happiness will no longer mean anything to you. It is not someone’s smile that makes your day, or a beautiful, sunny day that makes you happy, it is work, work work that gives you a kick, like a drug. This misery spirals at the risk of losing many valuable things and people in a life you don’t even know you are living. And soon you will be entering the faculty of workaholics and graduating with honors! Congratulations!

And here’s how workaholics will operate: they become controlling, manipulative and emotionally crippled! The worst part is, they become numb to other people’s emotions. They don’ feel sad if someone else is sad, they don’t feel happy if someone else is happy, they don’t feel anything. They just don’t feel. Period. They work. They do do do. They’re efficient engines with no other destination than work. They turn into robots. Oh pity! Is that even a life! They don’t hear sounds, they hear their ego.

They don’t see life’s amazing little details, they see numbers. They don’t smell the freshness of a beautiful morning in the spring, they smell power or money, or both. They don’t feel life and love, they perform. And if you bring the importance of a balanced life to their attention, they’ll often mock you by telling you that unlike you, they have more important things to do. They even go as far as telling you they don’t believe in happiness. They tell you that they have a job to do and their mission is not to look for happiness, but to do their job.  They turn into a walking ego! They lose their soul. Yes, very sad. They will be full of themselves yet devoid of a soul.

That’s what happens to you when you put life on the backburner and tend to your career only! You lose your balance. You will become out of sync with your environment. Nothing will matter to you except your job. Your ego becomes your ruler. This ruler dictates work and you surrender like a slave. And that’s where you find meaning and recognition. That is how you end up defining yourself. You become your job, and your job becomes you, and your ego feels boosted in the process. Meanwhile, you find yourself  competing with a whole bunch of other lonely egos, each trying to get more inflated than the other. A whole bunch of soulless egos who believe they make the world go round, until one day reality serves them with a rude awakening. Do you want to end up like that? If you’re reading this article and are going to continue reading to the end, chances are you don’t. So here’s a very simple advice:

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Make your happiness a mission by living a balanced life

Many people don’t realize how precious life is. They take it for granted. They take people for granted. They take everything for granted. Life is a gift many people slight and ignore. There is so much beauty to feel and appreciate. There are so many blessings to enjoy and be thankful for. There is so much joy to feel that costs absolutely nothing. Yet many people choose to live blind and deaf, completely ignorant of the beauty that surrounds them. When you start acknowledging all the abundant blessings around you and feel grateful, you generate good vibrations and positive energy. Being grateful changes your mood and gives you good feelings. People who are consumed by their job feel none of that! Oh what a miserabe existence! I believe that we all have a mission and that mission is nothing short of being happy. The easiest and most available way to this happiness is to to stop and smell the flowers, both literally and proverbially. If you find yourself devoting too much of your time and energy to your job, career, position and power, if you let your ego kill your soul,  you are doing something wrong.

Don’t let a job kill your soul! Get up and yell charge! Take charge of your happiness by enjoying and appreciating your surroundings, the people in it and the feelings you are able to feel, before you lose your senses and let a job make you numb to the abundance of this beautiful gift called life. Let your soul help you feel. Nourish your soul by taking notice of life. Life is a present, and the only way to feel it is to BE present and IN the present. Give it a try…NOW.

So what defines you?

The answer to this question cannot be very specific. There is no single element that defines a person.

We are the sum total of everything we do, feel and create. We are the product of our actions, emotions and choices. It is not a job, a house, a car, a partner, a family, a feeling an emotion, a God knows what that defines us. It is all of those things, rolled into one and the way we take and handle each without slighting the other. In other words, it is your soul. Your soul is what it is because of your choices.

Whatever choices we make in life and the impact they make on us and on others is what is left behind when we pass to the other side. Our soul is the sum total of our choices. People who choose to confine their soul in a cage by giving themselves to one area of life have diminished souls. People who wake up in the morning and consciously choose to open their iPad and connect to that „omnipotent business“, to all the „important nothings“ in the first hour of the morning instead of first looking out the window and enjoying, appreciating the sky, the sun, even the clouds….smelling the air and being amazed by life before they begin work have a diminished soul and will eventually become soulless. And that’s how they are defined. They choose to be defined that way. That is the amount of soul they will allow in their life. It is like going to a 5 star restaurant and asking for bread and tab water. It is malnourishment by design! It is a choice! Your soul is a choice.

You get what you ask for. Your soul defines you! And sadly enough, some people with diminished souls, those who are ruled by their ego, will become soulless, losing themselves in their career. And those who choose to expand their soul by giving to and investing in different areas of life on an equal keel, consciously choose to live a soulful, thus fulfilled life. They radiate love and positive energy, attract positive people and shamelessly enjoy the gift that has been handed to them: LIFE!