Put Your Head In The Future, Your Heart In The Present, And Your Ass In The Past! LMAO….

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What is time? Isn’t it just an illusion? Or is it a mental construct so we can structure our daily madness and put it in a ridiculous frame?

We think of time as having three distinct parts: past, present, future. If you think about it, past is only a collection of memories of events once experienced. We no longer experience them as we speak, but can only remember them. And future is a theory, waiting to become present, until then, only a dread or dream (rings a bell? trick or treat? Laughs…..yes sort of….) We can certainly project what the future may be like, and the forecast will vary depending on how positive or negative we are.

Objectively speaking, there is no past and no future. They simply do not exist. All we have is the present. As long as we don’t appreciate the present and take it as a „present“ we should be grateful for, we will forever be haunted by the past and desperately chasing the future! Not a very conducive or happy state to be in, is it?

But for the sake of understanding, let me use the construct of time: past, present, future, to explain what I mean.

Now is all you really have.

It’s actually always now!

The present is ever changing. Your time is always now, yet constantly changing. Watch manufacturers might not be happy hearing this, but all clocks and watches should be showing „now“! Yeah, well, we can’t do this because we all live in the mental prison of time, and need to tend to appointments, deadlines and meetings. We are slaves to our own mental constructs. We all are, more or less. I’m not going to suggest you should all live watchless, clockless, clueless or oblivious to timetables and schedules.

Time is precious….treat it as such!

Tic, toc, you’re on the clock!

To live in this confined world with its confining rules, we need to get along with its limiting structures, or else we should consciously decide to become a monch and live on the top of some mountain with serendipity and no wifi (laughs….). Don’t worry…that’s not what I’m suggesting here. But there is an in-between. We can all wear our watches and tend to our daily schedules as usual, yet keep in mind that the present moment is where we should put our focus. And the best way to start this is to:

There IS no past…there WAS!

Put your ass in the past! (oops…pardon my French!)

Now you might be laughing……your ass off! Ass in the past? Seriously? Yes! Seriously. Physically speaking your bottom is in the posterior position,…especially when you’re walking, walking fast or even more so, when you’re running, it will be even more pushed in the posterior position. Forward movement is future, not past. So as you are moving forward, your rear end will ASSume (laughs…) its usual posterior position, and that’s exaclty where the past is and should stay! You get it? If you notice, no matter what it is you’re doing, or where it is you’re going, your rear end will always be in the posterior position, even here and now! Needless to say, your past is the perfect space alotted to you rear end! Why? Because:

There is no future in the past!

As we were growing up, we were told by our parents that there is no future without a past. Not just our parents, our societies and institutions. Looks like everybody’s out there to shove this idea into you! (pardon my less than gentle expression today….). Nations go to war because of the past. People kill each other because they live in the past. The past can do more damage than good. There is no future in the past! That is that! Giving attention to your past can hold you back in life, hurt your present and ruin your future. The only thing you can do is to accept it, learn from it and move on.

Just don’t!

Whether the past events are happy or sad, you cannot relive or change them. If they were happy, remember them quickly, and let them sweeten your present. If they were sad, do not dwell in them thinking what you could have done to prevent them. The gist of what I am saying is, no matter what kind of a past you are giving your attention to, it is certainly taking you away from your present moment. Dwelling in past events can hinder your growth and stop you from thriving in the now.

The more you dwell in the past, the more you’ll be missing out on your present, which is a present given to you! Don’t ignore this present. Keep your head and thoughts for the future. But remember, you should not let your mind rule over your heart. Your heart is the big boss, and your head is the executive assistant. (laughs….). You need your heart to enjoy the present. If your heart (the big boss) can’t enjoy the present, it will be a nasty boss and won’t let the executive assistant (your head) make good decisions for the future! You see the dynamics between the two?

Science can prove it to you!

Caveat: Don’t put your head in your ass!

(Oops pardon my French again – yes I am indeed fluent in French!…laughs….)

Let me caution you: Whatever it is you are doing, please…..I repeat: Please do not put your head in the past! It is like putting your head in your ass (laughs….). Your head should be put in the future, not the past. Remember, the past is where your ass is! There IS NO FUTURE IN THE PAST. Ask any scientist, and they will prove this to you with some fancy quantum bla bla! So, this is where you put your head:

Put your head in the future.

Physically speaking, when we are going somewhere, if we’re walking, our head is slightly in the anterior position, more so if we’re running. Going somewhere means stepping forwards, which means towards the future. We need a head for future plannings. No plans means no perspective. Beware though!! Too many plans means no present moment. Putting your head in the future means you use your head just about enough to make plans for your future, without letting it burden you so much that it will override the enjoyment of the present.

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Dread or dream? (sounds like trick or treat?)

Uncertainty can lead to a lot of distress. How you feel about your unknown future is all your choice, though. You can dread or dream! All up to you. You can imagine the best possible outcome or the worst. If you choose the best, you will enable yourself to move forward with more confidence, which fuels passion, and passion fuels inspiration, both of which make you happy. If you choose to dread the worst, you will only burden yourself with distress and anxiety! Needless to say, the decisions we make in a happy state of mind are always much better than the ones we make in 3D: distress, desperation and dread. You can dream of a rainbow or dread a thunderstorm! You will see where self-fulfilling prophecy will eventually take you! And when it does, you got no one and nothing to blame but yourself! Just saying! If you are wise enough to make yourself some enjoyable present moments that make your heart happy (even if your present circumstances seem to be less than happy, go ahead and make room for happy breaks), you will be able to make better decisions. Some of the best long-term decisions I made in my life where made in the midst of some happy moments, in which my heart gave a clear signal to my head to go ahead and make the final decision. Even though at the time of the decision I might have been in an overall unfortunate and gloomy situation, I still made some room for some happy moments that could help my heart give my head the green light with clear discernment.

Big boss knows what you need!

Let your head envision and do a little bit of daydreaming for you. If you allow your heart to be the big boss, and let this big boss enjoy the present, it will definitely give your head some lee-way! This will allow your head to plan in a conducive state of confidence. If you allow your head to be the big boss instead, you’ll be running…and it will be a rat race, and a quite nasty one at that! You will lose in life. That’s why we say:

Put your heart in the present.

Again, physically speaking, if we are standing still, our head AND heart are neither in the posterior nor anterior position. They are right here (and right now!). If you want to be right here and right now, don’t run! Let your heart savor the present moment. Let it feel and appreciate it. If it’s not enjoyable, it will be part of the past in a blink of an eye and lose its relevance. Likewise, if it is enjoyable, it will still be part of the past in a blink of an eye. So pick and choose. My advice is to choose now!

Don’t be Mr/Ms Right, Be Mr/Ms Right Now!

No one has only bad times. No one’s present time is only full of unenjoyable moments. Everyone has some enjoyable moments they can be grateful for. Even if you are a prisoner of war and are being tortured on the daily (no offence and please do not sue me for saying this), there is that short pause where you can get 6 drops of water and a piece of old bread, and no torture…..you can enjoy that short pause….Everything is relative. Now let me speak to the mind of a pessimistic person who seems to know the world better and claims to be right with a high IQ and all that good stuff leading to his/her own detriment……. let’s call him/her Mr/Ms Right: Even if life were only full of sufferings, there are still little pauses in between. So dear Mr/Ms Right: if that’s how you see life, you can still appreciate and enjoy those moments you are not suffering. If you do this long enough, you will make your transformation from Mr/Ms Right to Mr/Ms Right Now!

Let this motto rule…

I don’t think most of my readers are a or have been a prisoner of war, or even worse, a prisoner of their own mind….like Mr/Ms Right! (please don’t hate me if you happen to be one! – I am sweet and blunt!). By now, I have a feeling you know what I mean. The gist of what I’m saying is: no matter what your circumstance, you can still choose to enjoy bits of the present you find enjoyable. Be here and now. And believe me….I don’t claim to know it all. In fact, I don’t really know things…I feel them. My big heart happens to be the big boss in my realm, not my head. You got me? All I want and desire to be is now and right now. And if you tried it too, you would enjoy your new identity!

You snooze, you lose!

Everytime you wait for the perfect moment to arrive, your moment will be perfected and you will have missed it! Perfection means completion. That’s what the expression „you snooze, you lose“ means. It simply means: keep waiting long enough for the perfect moment, and the moment will be gone, because you were in it (underline were ) and are no longer! Living in the now does not exclude planning for the future. I can’t stress that enough. It means you let your heart enjoy the present, whatever part of it is worth enjoying, and let your head make some plans for the future, all the while, letting your heart rule! I cannot re-iterate that enough, either! Guess you got it by now.

Before I end this article let me tell you this one: you have no idea how relieved you will feel once you are free from the past and unburduned by the future (unless you do have an idea! Laughs…..) That is how you can finally enjoy this present you are given every present moment! Open this present and enjoy it! It’s yours……and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! 😉 ….and to myself: Happy Birthday November-Sagittarius! 🙂

Forever is now or never!

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