It’s A Leap Of Faith, Not A Leap Of Doubt!

Life is a continuous exercise of trust. If you want to achieve somewhat of a peaceful existence, you will have to exercise some trust. This trust is linked to an expectation of positive rather than negative outcomes. By detaching yourself from a specific outcome, though, and releasing worry about when and how that outcome will appear, you can allow yourself to take a leap of faith. A leap of faith will not tell you when and what exactly…it just reassures you that all will be good in the end.

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Facing the fear of the unknown…

Loving and trusting yourself strengthens your faith.

Making decisions in your life could mean facing the fear of the unknown. Ultimately, if your desire is to make a change, you will have to face the unknown which requires you to take a leap of faith. A leap of faith can only be taken if you have a strong conviction that your current path is not where you would like to be on. Obviously, you are going to have „faith“ not doubt, if you are about to take this leap. That faith is an inner knowing, not knowledge! Knowledge clouds your discernment into thinking that you know it all, which will bombard you with false alarms. Knowledge comes from experience, which could be a heavy baggage from past mistakes, hindering you from making new choices and decisions. Knowing, on the other hand, guides you towards a new path. Where does that inner knowing come from? I believe it comes from a basic belief in yourself and trusting in your intuition. When you believe in yourself, when you wholeheartedly believe that you do deserve better things than your current path is offering you, you will also admit to yourself that you love yourself. That love, that trust, and that belief in yourself is what this „faith“ is all about. This faith will let you know that good things WILL happen if you simply allow them.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Have a feel for the big picture outcome.

Now from a linguistic vantage point, let’s consider the root of the verb decide. Cide derives from the Latin word caedere which means to kill or to cut off. There are more words with the same root such as: suicide, homocide, pesticide, and a zillion more. This is how I personally look at making a decision: When I’m deciding, I am killing and cutting off all other options. For instance, if I choose one job over 3 others, I have basically cut off or killed all other options, figuratively speaking, of course! To me, this cutting off requires you to not only cut off other options but also from a specific outcome. What’s important is envisioning an overall picture of your desired outcome. What’s also crucial is not worrying about the when and the how. Set your intention into motion, take the necessary steps, and allow it to happen. This has always worked for me. I have rarely faced a perpetual analysis paralysis in my whole life. Of course, there have been times when I was unsure about my decisions, but my nature is such that I dread stalling. So I ultimately cut off other options and take one, and most times end up happy in the end. You don’t need balls….look at me….I am a female! (laughs….). All you need is trust. Trust in yourself. Cut off from a specific outcome, cut off all other options, stick to what your inner knowing tells you to do, don’t worry about the exact details of the outcome, simply allow it to happen……that is that!

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It’s a „leap of faith“ not a leap of doubt!

…because it never will be!

Doubting is not different than standing in your own way. Doubting is self sabotage. After all, it’s called a „leap of faith“ not „leap of doubt“ … (laughs….). Bear in mind that you can never be a 100% sure that things will pan out exactly the way you envision. That’s why it is very important that your decision will not involve a meticulous plan. You don’t have to know every detail. In fact, in most cases not everything will go according to a perfect set of details. What you need to have is an overall picture of what you would like to achieve and let the rest unfold as you are sitting back and having faith. A leap of faith does not mean you have blind faith, though. It means you have a very strong desire, some doubt and uncertainty, albeit, yet keep a positive outlook and expect positive results. If you let fear and doubt rule you, what can I say? You will end up letting fear and doubt rule you! What do fear and doubt do to you?


Fight, flight and freeze mode

You don’t need to know everything.

Being ruled by fear and doubt will most likely put you in a perpetual fight, flight or freeze mode……getting you no where. When you go through the process of making decisions, you might find yourself torn between two or multiple options. If you are ruled by fear and doubt, you will be stuck in one of the following modes:

fight: you will resist the decision and stick to what you have at hand. Sticking to what you have at hand and fighting the decision will not make you happier, or else, why did you have to make a decision to begin with? If you find yourself facing a fork in the road, it alrady implies the necessity of making a decision. Fighting it will keep you behind that fork, perpetually, and you will forever be wondering if you should have made a choice. The person who resists making a decision is, no doubt, lacking faith.

flight: you will run away from the decision, which is not much different than denying the desire to change. Denying your wishes also leads to discontent and depression. Forgiving yourself for denying your wishes is a very long and painful process. This process is so much work that you would wish you had never cowardly run away from making the decision. If you choose flight over making a decision, you obviously lack faith.

freeze: you will stall because you are overthinking. Overthinking holds you back from making any decision and eats up your willpower. Not only that, it puts you in a think mode rather than a feel mode. Yes, we all need our gray matter, but let me tell you. You have to feel the outcome of your decision, if you want to take a step towards making that decision. Thinking only helps after you have felt it. Once you feel the overall outcome (not the details – put details aside….don‘t try to determine them….you canNOT control the details!), you can use your gray matter to help you take the necessary steps. Overthinking is nothing but analysis paralysis and a painful state at that. If you let doubt rule you, you will not listen to your inner voice and let your inner knowing guide you towards the path you truly seek. Doubtful, skeptical individuals are ruled by the fear of regret and remorse of making a bad decision, only to find out that more often than not, the decisions they did not make led to more remorse and regret than the ones they made. Doubtful people forget that making no decision is also a decision….only a bad one! Doubtful people lack faith.

If in doubt, read this article one more time!

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