Emotional Purging and Why You Need It.

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Do you feel upside down in your element? Feel like something inside of you is gnawing at you? If you do, it is probably because you need emotional purging. Only then can you plug back into your luminosity!

Sweeping old emotions under the rug contaminates your environment!

Emotional purging, also referred to as catharsis, or emotional detox is the process of eliminating emotions that don‘t serve you. These are emotions you might have even overcome and outgrown, but not completely released. The proverbial sweeping under the rug is what I am referring to here. At some point you might have realized the uselessness of a certain emotion and swept it away, but it is still lingering under the rug of your energy. You might even be fooling yourself into thinking that it’s no longer there, but it is. You need to purge it out. Emotional purging should be done slowly, and you have to allow the process to unfold gradually.

The purpose of emotional purging is to enable yourself to move forward. If you drag around old energies, you will only be carrying dead weight, which makes your forward movement that much more difficult. Pent-up engergy is like driving with the handbrake on. Release that brake and you will feel the real power of your accelerator!

Now unlike the handbrake analogy, this release cannot be done quickly. It is not called a process for no reason. You have to work at it step by step. It’s an incremental release. Good news is, the steps are few. Bad news is, if you expect instant results, you’re not going to get any.

So what are the steps?

Let me give you 3 steps I have personally found effective:

Step 1: Get to the bottom of your emotion.

Acknowledge the emotion even if you have overcome it.

This means you get in touch with whatever emotion you need to release, provided that you are capable of having emotions – which I believe you are, because otherwise you wouldn‘t be reading this article (laughs….). By getting in touch with your emotion I mean recognizing that it’s still there, even if you believe you have overcome it. Overcoming an emotion means it no longer hurts or bothers you. That’s very good indeed. Kudos to you, if you have achieved this. But remember, if it no longer hurts you it doesn’t mean it won‘t hinder you! Emotion is energy, and energy, although not tangible itself, creates very tangible scenarios. It is quintessential to release it. It has to literally leave your element in order for you to be fully and the only operator in your element. The first step to releasing this energy is getting in touch with it.

Step 2: Understand your emotion.

Old emotions are heavy baggage!

Old emotions are like old, heavy baggage. You really don‘t need them anymore. Some choose to carry them all their life, dragging dead weight. What about lightness? Isn‘t that what everyone desires? If you want to be light and free, you have to start visualizing your connection to the past emotion, see it for what it is, then see where you are now. Keep going to and fro between the two. It’s like looking at two juxtaposed pictures back and forth. Then disconnect from one picture by putting your focus on the other picture only, i.e. the new emotion. You can enhance this process by meditation. Any meditation you choose will help you energetically disconncect from the undesired emotion. You have to do this for days, weeks, maybe even months. Again, if you expect instant results, you will only run into disappointment.

A light heart carries no dead emotions.

Give yourself time. If you are a busy person and all you do is work, work and work, I got bad news for you again. To understand your emotions you need to invest in yourself, not in your employer or project! (laughs….). If that’s your case, you need to revise your lifestyle and adjust it to your wellbeing, not to your company’s profit and loss sheet! Without your wellbeing you will be nothing but scattered engergy, all over the place, there for everyone and everything, only not for yourself! To heal yourself, you need to heed yourself. If you feel upside down in your element, you will need to turn yourself right side up again! (did that sound too teachy preachy again?…laughs….). This all needs time, and time is something you take. You can have a quick breakfast in a hurry, or grab a bite for dinner if you are in a rush, but understanding your own emotions takes time. There is no quickie here! (laughs…). Once you understand them, it will be easier to do step 3.

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Step 3: Come to terms with your emotion.

Coming to terms with an old emotion is accepting that you felt it at one point. Denying it is conducive to neither release nor relief. One thing you should never do is to ask yourself why you felt that emotion. There is no why. We feel what we feel. We’re not robots. And that’s precisely why releasing the engergy of the old emotion is a long process and not achieved instantly. If you are used to instant results and think there is an app for this, I got bad news for you…..again! (laughs….).

If you run from these steps, you will spend your life carrying the engery of dead emotions. They’ll make you heavy, thus hinder your forward movement. If you do not properly process your emotions, they will build up over time and become toxic and will contaminate your relationship with yourself and others. You will find yourself repeating the undesired emotions you went through by projecting the residual engergy of it onto someone else. An emotional detox is one of the biggest favors you can do to yourself and the people you want to build a relationship with. Emotions connected to negative experiences, are dead skin. Peel it off and let fresh skin grow instead.

You can do the switch!