You Want To Change But Are Afraid?

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You want to change but are afraid?

The sooner you start doing away with your old, obsolete views that no longer serve a purpose in your current life the lighter the baggage you shouldn’t have carried to begin with!

It won’t always behoove you to stick it out! Making a change means leaving your comfort zone.

Hey you! Why do you wait until your life is at its lowest ebb in order to start with change? Do you really have to wait until things are completely out of whack before you make that first step towards change? You certainly don’t, but that’s what you do, because you got stuck on the comfort of what or who you know. What you don’t know is scary, what you know feels familiar, even if it stinks. Like that old couch with ketchup and coffee stains you hold on to, just because it’s comfy. You know it’s ruining your posture and makes you slouch. You know it doesn’t even look nice in that living room of yours. Yet you keep it, because it’s all you know and because getting a new one means investing some time and effort which you choose to invest in being a couch potato matching that couch instead! So you match yourself to your stinky, stained couch instead of getting one that matches what you really need. You keep it until one day you realize your spine is hurting and your environment is stinkning. Is that what your really wanted? See what I’m getting at? The thing is, do you really have to wait and stick it out that long? Of course not! So get up and get that ultimate couch that smells fresh, is better for your spine and deserves your booty (no pun intended, or maybe??). Take that leap of faith. Even if it’s literally a couch!

Settling for things because they’re what you know makes you complacent and stagnant. Change requires action!

No no no….and no again! You don’t want comfortable! You stay in that space because it is what you know not because it will behoove you. You need to remind yourself that where you are is NOT what you are. When you become complacent, you stop growing! You become stagnant. Stagnancy stinks. Stagnancy festers. So why do you choose to become stagnant instead of heading for some change? The answer is fear of the unknown. Often you know damn well what makes you unhappy, yet you choose to stay in denial of your true desires! You go back and forth, convoluted, robbing yourself of what you truly deserve,  just because you have become too comfortable. You revel in the stink of that stagnancy, because it’s all you know. Because it`s all you know, because it’s all you know, because it’s all you know! Should I say more?

I thought so!

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Don’t let familiarity kill your individuality! Sometimes the best change you can make is morphing back to who you  have always been!

You can in fact bring luster to a tarnished way of living by simply switching your vantage point from a complacent, stagnant being stuck on old views to a renewed spirit unafraid of change. But you have to stop playing mind games on yourself. If your intuition is screaming at you that „something is foul in the state of Denmark“ (hope you remember Hamlet), regardless of what your situation is – everyone has a different story – then there should be no doubt in your mind that it’s time to make a change. Not being able to make a decision because you are ignoring that spot on intuition is a crime. It’s injustice done upon yourself! Don’t get lost in the analysis paralysis of whether or not you should make that first move towards change. You have to continuously remind yourself that the belief you are holding on to with your teeth and claws – take whatever applies to you- might not be the best since sliced bread!! Get up and get what you really want and be who you really are. Because that slice of bread that you believed was the best made you forget that you don’t even like bread! You forgot your own taste, your own preferences! You lost your individuality. How did that happen? Maybe you were thankfully conned into accepting the loss of your own identity, because the real you wasn’t even there to say thanks, but no thanks!  The only way to find out is to morph back into who you have always been. How? By moving on and away from whatever it is that is confining you. Need I say more?

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If in doubt, throw it out! Change means getting rid of what no longer alignes with your purpose.

    Once you start redefining your purpose you will slowly realize that old ways and thoughts don’t cut it anymore…..they only cut YOU! Say for instance you choose to invest in something, someone or a situation you know is no longer good for you: red flag! Why? Why, why why??!! Why invest in your problems? As sick as it may sound, you may have fallen in love with your problems. How did that happen? You let familiarity kill your individuality. Once you lose that individuality, you lose your identity. But now you need an identity. We all need one. So you start wondering: „who am I?“. Then you start identifying with your problems. And you let those problems rule you. The more they rule you, the farther away you get from your true identity.  You start believing they are you. You become one with them. They become an integral part of you. What has happened is that you are no longer you.  You are your problems. So you decide to stay with them „till death do us part“! They are familiar. They are all you know. They are you! You have become your problems like conjoint twins!!! And then you start doubting yourself! This doubt is good, only it should not be directed towards you. It should be directed towards your problems! Sad thing is, you haven’t even identified them as problems yet. But your are faced with doubt! Don’t let this doubt kill yet another part of you ! Put your foot down and say: thanks but no thanks!! Get up and do some spring cleaning! Throw out any thoughts, beliefs or views you no longer need. Ancient baggage is nothing but a heavy burden. Don’t claim that baggage! Let it remain unclaimed! Leave it unattended! By all means claim and re-claim yourself instead! Refertilize YOU. If you have to think twice, if you are in doubt, it’s a sign you should throw it out! Throw IT out, and bring YOU back.

One, two, three…..purge!!!

You won’t get it unless you forget it! To allow change you have to welcome the new and forget the old.

Whatever you do, do not, I repeat: do not revisit the past! Old stories are obsolete. Revisitation of the past hinders forward movement. Clear the decks and move on. Dwelling in the past lowers your energy. Why? Moving backwards is always harder than forwards! The energy you spend on revisiting the past is an utter waste! It lowers your stamina and dampens your morale! Keep dwelling there and you’ll end up nowhere! You have to forget it! You want to move forward? Then move forward! How? Forget the past! Two simple words: forget it! How? Two simple words: forget it! But how? Need I repeat? FORGET IT!!!!