Where Did Life Go?

Words of a workaholic: pretty self explanatory…

But MY words: When you allow a job to become a burden stemming from the pressure you have created from the stress of paying unnecessary bills for things you don’t even allow yourself to enjoy, which makes you look for more things that create more bills, which require you to raise your status by adding master cards to your wallet, so that you can have more and more masters to be a slave to and forever indebted for the prestige they bestow upon you, which raises your ego and your cholesterol levels…..that’s when you know that you have invited darkness to loom over the front lawn of your light and dim that light and lightness with heaviness, so that you can’t even ask that heavy darkness: “Would you like cream and sugar in your coffee?”, because that DARKNESS is no longer a guest…..IT NOW OWNS YOU!

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got a few propositions to review
a couple of vital contracts to sign

a 100 email replies are still due
a dozen of clients are waiting in line

got 56 damn calls to return
15 applications to reject

it’s time for you to realize and learn
that with all due respect:

I don’t have any time to listen up
what I really want is not my option

got a whole bunch of deals to wrap up
the rest I no longer want to mention!

I can go on for hours with no food
when I want my work done efficiently

caffein helps me stay up really good
proof? I haven’t closed my eyes recently!

I know just what you think and I can tell
that you know what I think and that is clear

so let me do my work, don’t need to spell
cause you say what you think, you’ve got no fear

for all I’ve accomplished I need some praise
but you keep reminding me I’ve got to live

I really want to stop one of these days
I’ll do what I can, that’s more than I can give

so if you have more comments make them now
you’ve never really been afraid to tell

but once you’ve made your point don’t tell me how
I’ve made my universe a living hell!

Time flies….life drowns!

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