Another Year…

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Another year of trying
Another year gone by
Another body is dying
Another soul will fly

Another question answered
Another one barely heard
Another problem conquered
Another remained absurd

Another heart was given
Another one was broken
Another thought was hidden
Another one was spoken

Another promise fulfilled
Another not delivered
Another hand warmly held
Another one just shivered

Another one tended to
Another one left alone
Another just-me- and- you
Another one left their home

Another one who got love
Another who felt slighted
Another one rose above
Another one denied it

Another friend thought of you
Another forgot your name
Another day you felt new
another you felt the same

Another one who knew how
Another who couldn’t do it
another one made a vow
another one just blew it

Another one found magic
Another lost their last dime
Another year was tragic
Another went by just fine.

May your year be magical!

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